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Fungi Taxa List

Phylum Basidiomycota (Basidiomycete Fungi)

Class Agaricomycetes

Order Agaricales (Common Gilled Mushrooms and Allies)

Family Agaricaceae (Field Mushrooms and Allies)

Agaricus campestris (Meadow Mushroom)

Family Hymenogastraceae

Agrocybe acericola

Agrocybe pediades (Common Fieldcap )

Class Pucciniomycetes

Order Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)

Family Gymnosporangiaceae

Gymnosporangium globosum (Juniper-hawthorn Rust)

Phylum Ascomycota (Ascomycete Fungi)

Class Class Lecanoromycetes (Common Lichens)

Order Lecanorales

Family Parmeliaceae (Shield Lichens and Allies)

Parmelia sulcata (Parmelia sulcata)

5 unique taxa

1 Kingdom

2 Phyla

3 classes

3 orders

4 families

4 genera

5 species

22 total taxa (KCOFGS)