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Hover Flies (Syrphidae)

Subfamily Syrphinae (Typical Hover Flies)

Dasysyrphus intrudens complex

No Common Name

Epistrophe xanthostoma

Emarginate Smoothtail

Eupeodes fumipennis

Western Aphideater

Eupeodes volucris

Large-tailed Aphideater

Melangyna sp.


Melanostoma mellinum

Variable Duskyface

Platycheirus stegnus

Greater Punctate Sedgesitter

Scaeva affinis

White-bowed Smoothwing

Sphaerophoria contigua

Tufted Globetail

Sphaerophoria sulphuripes

Forked Globetail

Syrphus opinator

Black-margined Flower Fly

Toxomerus occidentalis

Western Calligrapher

Toxomerus marginatus

Margined Calligrapher

LQA iNat taxa

Eristalinae (Drone Fliies and Kin)

Asemosyrphus polygrammus

Common Sickleleg

Blera scitula

Western Wood Fly

Eristalis arbustorum

European Drone Fly

Eristalis hirta

Black-footed Drone Fly

Ersitalis tenax

Common Drone Fly

Eumerus sp.

No common name

Mallota sackeni

Brown-haltered Mimic Fly

Merodon equestris

Nacissus Bulb Fly

Syritta pipiens

Common Compost Fly

LQA iNat taxa

Pipizinae (Pitheads & Kin )


Pitheads & Kin

edanko's Common Syrphini of the Northwest