Life on a Quarter Acre
Insects Spiders Other Invertebrates Birds Other Vertebrates Plants Fungi

Ants, Bees, Wasps, and Sawflies

(Order Hymenoptera)

Honey Bees, Bumble Bees,
and Allies

Apidae (20)

Ichneumon Wasps

Ichneumonidae (14)

Hornets, Paper Wasps,
Potter Wasps, and Allies

Vespidae (14)

Mason, Leafcutter,
Carder, and Resin Bees

Megachilidae (11)

Crabronid Wasps

Crabronidae (11)

Sweat Bees

Halictidae (6)


Formicidae (5)

Thread-waisted Wasps

Sphecidae (5)

Mining Bees

Andrenidae (4)

Cuckoo Wasps

Chrysididae (3)

Club-horned Wasps

Sapygidae (3)

Spider Wasps

Pompilidae (2)

Aulacid Wasps

Aulacidae (1)

Braconid Wasps

Braconidae (1)

Stem Sawflies

Cephidae (1)

Plasterer Bees

Colletidae (1)

Carrot Wasps

Gasteruptiidae (1)

Leucospid Wasps

Leucospidae (1)

Parasitic Wood Wasps

Orussidae (1)

Common Sawflies

Tenthredinidae (1)

Torymid Wasps

Torymidae (1)