Life on a Quarter Acre


I'll be including anything that is too small to see without a microscope in this group.

(With the exception of the slime molds, which I'm including here.)

Phylum Chlorophyta (Green Algae)

Class Chlorophyceae > Order Volvocales > Haematococcaceae

Haematococcus sp.

From the water from the birdbath in the backyard.

Microscosmos: These Algae Curl Up Into a Ball When They Get Stressed Out

Phylum Ciliophora (Ciliates)

Class Colpodea > Order Colpodida > Colpodidae


Class Oligohymenophorea > Order Sessilida > Voricellidae


Found in water bowl in yard.

Class Spirotrichea

Subclass Hypotrychia (Hypotrych)

Found in water bowl in yard.

Phylum Mycetozoa (Slime Molds)

Class Myxomycetes > Order Liceales > Family Tubiferaceae

Lycogala epidendrum (Wolf's Milk)

On the spruce stump after a rainy few days.

Phylum Nematoda (Nematodes)

Nematoda (Nematode)

Birdbath/hay infusion

Phylum Ochraphyta

Class Bacillariophyceae (Diatoms) > Order Rhopalodiales > Family Rhopalodiaceae

Epithemia sp.

From iron birdbath

Phylyum Rotifera (Rotifers)

Class Eurotatoria > Subclass Bdelloidea > Order Philodinida


In a backyard puddle.

Phyllum Tardigrada (Tardigrades)

Class Eutardigrada > Order Parachela > Ramazzottiidae

Ramazzottius sp.

From moss on a log.