Life on a Quarter Acre
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Other Vertebrates Taxa List

Phylum Chordata


Order Logomomorpha

Family Leporidae (Hares and Rabbits)

Sylvilagus sp. (Cottontail Rabbits)

Order Rodentia (Rodents)

Family Sciuridae (Squirrels)

Sciurus niger (Fox Squirrel)

Order Carnivora

Family Mephitidae (Skunks and Badgers)

Mephitis mephitis (Striped Skunk)


Order Anura (Frogs and Toads)

Family Hylidae (Tree Frogs and Allies)

Pseudacris sierra sp. (Sierran Tree Frog)


Order Squamata (Snakes and Lizards)

Family Colubridae (Colubrid Snakes)

Thamnophis elegans sp. (Western Terrestrial Garter Snake)

5 unique taxa

3 classes

5 orders

5 families

5 genera

4 species

22 total taxa (COFGS)