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Non-cultivated Plant Taxa List

    Phylum Chlorophyta (Green Algae)

    Class Chlorophyceae (Chlorophycean Green Algae)

    Order Volvocales


  1. Haematococcus sp.
  2. Phylum Bryophyta (Mosses)

    Class Bryopsida

    Order Orthotrichales

  3. Orthotrichaceae
  4. Order Grimmiales

    Grimmiaceae (Rock Mosses)

  5. Grimmia pulvinata (Grey-cushioned Grimmia)
  6. Phylum Tracheophyta

    Class Liliopsida (Monocots)

    Order Poales (Grasses, Sedges, Cattails, and Allies)

    Poaceae (Grass Family)

  7. Dactylis glomerata (Orchard Grass)
  8. Poa bulbosa (Bulbous Meadow Grass)
  9. Class Magnoliopsida (Dicots)

    Order Asterales (Sunflowers, Bellflowers, Fanflowers, and Allies)

    Asteraceae (Sunflowers, Daisies, Asters, and Allies)

  10. Lactuca serriola (Prickly Lettuce)
  11. Lapsana communis (Nipplewort)
  12. Sonchus asper (Prickly Sowthistle)
  13. Tanacetum parthenium (Feverfew)
  14. Taraxacum officinale (Common Dandelion)
  15. Tripleurospermum inodorum (Scentless Mayweed)
  16. Trogopogon dubius (Yellow Salsify)
  17. Campanulaceae (Bellflower Family)

  18. Campanula rapunculoides (Creeping Bellflower)

    Order Brassicales (Mustards, Capers, and Allies)

    Brassicaceae (Mustard Family)

  19. Capsella bursa-pastoris (Shepherd's Purse)
  20. Hesperis matronalis (Dame's Rocket)
  21. Order Caryophyllales (Pinks, Cactuses, and Allies )

    Polygonaceae (Knotweed Family)

  22. Rumex acetosella (Sheep's Sorrel)
  23. Polygonum aviculare (Prostrate Knotweed)
  24. Caryophyllaceae (Pink Family)

  25. Stellaria media (Common Chickweed)
  26. Order Fabales (Legumes, Milkworts, and Allies)

    Fabaceae (Pea Family)

  27. Medicago lupulina (Black Medic)
  28. Trifolium ripens (White Clover)
  29. Order Geraniales (Geraniums, Bridal Wreaths, and Allies)

    Geraniaceae (Geranium Family)

  30. Erodium cicutarium (Common Stork's Bill)
  31. Geranium pussilum (Small-flowered Crane's-bill)
  32. Order Lamiales (Mints, Plantains, Olives, and Allies)

    Lamiaceae (Mint Family)

  33. Lamium amplexicaule (Henbit Deadnettle)
  34. Plantaginaceae (Plantain Family)

  35. Veronica arvensis (Corn Speedwell )
  36. Order Malpighiales (Nances, Willows, and Allies)

    Hypericaceae (St. John's Wort Family)

  37. Hypericum perforatum (Common St. John's Wort)
  38. Violaceae (Violet Family)

  39. Viola odorata (Eurasian Sweet Violet)
  40. Order Malvales Mallows, Rock-roses, and Allies()

    Malvaceae (Mallow Or Hibiscus Family)

  41. Malva neglecta (Dwarf Mallow)
  42. Order Myrtales (Myrtles, Evening Primroses, and Allies)

    Onagraceae (Evening Primrose Family)

  43. Epilobium brachycarpum (Panicled Willowherb)
  44. Order Ranunculales (Buttercups, Poppies, and Allies)

    Papaveraceae (Poppy Family)

  45. Eschscholzia californica (California Poppy)
  46. Ranunculaceae (Buttercup Family)

  47. Consolida ajacis (Rocket Larkspur)
  48. Order Rosales (Roses, Elms, Figs, and Allies)

    Rosaceae (Rose Family)

  49. Avens urbanum (Wood Avens)

31 unique taxa

3 phyla

4 classes

15 orders

20 families

30 genera

28 species

101 total taxa (KPCOFGS)