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List of first LAQ observations in April 2021

22 May 21

Flat-footed Fly (Platypezidae)


Dancing around on a Douglas Hawthorn leaf.

(27th fly family)

17 May 21

Mallota sackeni (Brown-haltered Mimic Fly)

On Douglas Hawthorn leaf. First Idaho iNat observation.

15 May 21

Ampedus sp. (Click Beetle)

We removed a dead birch tree last fall, leaving a stump for the insects. I drilled a few holes to get them started, and this click beetle was the first insect I've seen on the stump. After I took the picture, it entered one of the holes.

1 May 21

Coppered White-cheeked Jumping Spider

Previously seen a White-cheeked Jumping Spider (Genus Pelegrina), but this is the first IDed to species.

(11th spider species)