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List of first LAQ observations

16 December 21


I saw this merlin on top of a spruce tree while shoveling snow.

8 December 21

Ramazzottius sp.

Another new phylum: Tardigrades (Tardigrada) -- and Class Eutardigrada, Order Parachela, Family Ramazzottiidae, Genus Ramzzottius

Scraped from moss off a log in backyard.

13 November 21

Bdelloidean Rotifers (Subclass Bdelloidea)

From rainwater in a flower pot.

First LQA rotifer (and new phylum).

5 November 21

Haematococcus sp.

Cysts in Birdbath. Motile form was also present, but they were harder to photograph since they move rapidly.

Haematococcus are common in birdbaths. They often give the water a pinkish tinge.

This is a new phylum for the yard: Chlorophyta.

28 October 21


I found this in a birdbath / hay infusion sample.

Another new phylum: Nematoda.

23 September 21

California Tortiseshell (Nymphalis californica)

I've seen California Tortiseshells before in the yard, but this is the first iNat observation.

14 August 21

Mourning Cloak (Nymphalis antiopa)

I've seen Mourning Cloaks before in the yard, but this is the first iNat observation.

8 June 21

Doratura stylata

Found on lawn. Identified to species on 14 December 21.

6 June 21

Crysus sp.


This cuckoo wasp seemed larger and a bit slower than others that I've seen on the stump. It turned out to be a new genus: Chrysis.

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