Life on a Quarter Acre

When I first heard about iNaturalist a few years ago, I decided to use it to see what's living on our property -- a standard quarter-acre lot in the town of Moscow, Idaho.

So I started photographing everything I could find, and submitting the photos to iNaturalist. So far I've found 421 taxa on our little lot (not including cultivated plants).

I took all of the photographs on this website with a Canon SX60 camera, using a 500 D closeup lens when needed. I'm not much of a photographer; I just point and click and hope for the best.

(If you have any comments, corrections, or suggestions, you can send them to me, Steve Wells, at


Insects (311)


Spiders (22)

Other Invertebrates

Other Invertebrates (17)


Birds (37)

Other Vertebrates

Other Vertebrates (5)


Plants (31)


Fungi (5)

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Life on a spruce stump