Life On A Quarter Acre

When I first heard about iNaturalist in 2016, I decided to use it to see what's living on our property -- a standard quarter-acre lot in the town of Moscow, Idaho. So I started photographing everything I could find, submitting the photos to iNaturalist. So far I've found 603 taxa on our little lot (not including cultivated plants). This is from a total of 2295 observations.

I took all of the photographs on this website with a Canon SX50 camera, using a 250 D closeup lens when needed. I'm not much of a photographer; I just point and click and hope for the best. Some of the small insect photos were taken with an AmScope dissecting microscope and the microbes with a Swift compound scope.

If you have any comments, corrections, or suggestions, you can send them to me, Steve Wells, at

Insects (450)

Spiders (26)

Birds (46)

Plants (79)

Microbes (10)